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A persistent dreamer, A peace walker designed to find dreamers, because he believes dreamers need to stick together, I've lived my entire life fighting for what i believe is right. Am just living my life in a wandering in a fantasy World created by a creative mind and a restless soul seeking harmony and purity in my life trying to make a difference in this world and making the dreamy fantasy world become A reality, and one day it will be.Personal Features: I am able to work under Pressure. Academic knowledge about business & professional development ( Good communication & presentation skills, business writing, strategic decision-making, problem-solving, sales, marketing and interested in team participation, Self-motivated.Points Of Force: My Friends. Self Motivated & capability to motivate others. Eager to learn. Able to survive alone. A desire to change & change others.Interests & Hobbies: Designing, Social work, East Asian culture, Nature, Art, Music, Drawing, Reading, Writing Stories, Meditating, Watching Korean & Japanese Movies, Playing piano, Walking by the sea, Traveling, Playing video games, Sports ( football, swimming, jogging), Watching Animation.Short-term Objectives: Learn more and more about the graphic industry especially (video games, animation movies).Open our own small business me and my friends (Training center, advertising, web/graphic design Company)Become one of the best designers in ( Cairo, Alex., port said ) Other Objectives: Teach my friends and other people what I have learned in lifeFavorite Quotes:
- "Wherever you are, Be the soul of that place!" Rumi
- "Dreamers Can't be tamed"
" كن شمساً ... فالعتمة سهله" 
" الحكايات التي تنتهي، لا تنتهي ما دامت قابلة لأن تروى "   
" ما أعرفه أن وجودك - م - ولو فى البعد هو سند هائل لي ".
.قد كنت اتجنب احتضانك حتى ﻻ ابكى -! 
و انا ما كنت اريد الا احتضانك حتى ابكى دون ان يرانى احد -

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